Oops! Was THAT in the Energy Code?!
11:00 am - 12:00 pm | Seminar S05
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Deborah Steimel-Clair, PE, LCLighting Studio ManagerPrimera Engineers
Jill Deichmann, AIA, NCARBLead - Architecture and SustainabilityPrimera Engineers

Once again, energy codes are changing, and with the changes come some sneaky additions. For example, did you know that controlled outlets are now required? But which code does this reference? Or did you know that skylights are now also required? Did you know they’re required in both codes? If you answered incorrectly or did not know the answer to the examples posed, then join us as we walk through some of the recent additions, sneaky expansions, and major overhauls of the most recent energy codes.

  • Learn about the recent energy code adoption in Illinois and which codes apply to which states.
  • Understand the recent changes in energy codes as they apply to lighting controls and architectural systems.
  • Understand how the two major codes have varying impacts, and how one or the other could be a better choice.
  • Learn about some of the sneaky code requirements that can have a big impact on your project if not understood early on.
Deborah Steimel-Clair, PE, LC
Lighting Studio Manager
Primera Engineers

Deborah Steimel-Clair is Primera’s lighting expert. Her expertise results from 15-years of experience performing lighting design, project management, studies, lighting education, and code consulting. Her project experience includes both new and renovated construction for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor facilities, including IES award-winning projects and aggressive LEED projects.

Jill Deichmann, AIA, NCARB
Lead - Architecture and Sustainability
Primera Engineers

Jill leads the architectural group at Primera, one of the largest woman-owned engineering and consulting firms in the region. Her expertise is the result of nearly 20 years of experience in design and construction. She is a designer, project manager, and code consultant, managing communications with clients, consultants and contractors.