Here are just a few of the products that will be on display at LED Specifier Summit 2019.
Series Y by Artemide Designed in collaboration with Gensler
BOOTH #303
Series Y is an innovative new lighting system composed of flexible and articulated joiners that is ideal for the modern workspace. It was developed through research on how light affects people’s emotions and productivity, how designers use architectural systems within an office, and how technology can play a fundamental role in the future of office lighting.
A.24 by Artemide Designed by Carlotta de Bevilacqua
BOOTH #303
A.24 is a flexible system that uses a single intelligent profile to host a variety of lighting performance options. It is an open platform that can accommodate other products from the Architectural collection, such as the Vector Magnetic spot. Modules can be combined to create the desired lighting effects.
Axis Lighting - Zen
Axis Stencil & Sculpt SoftZone™
Axis Lighting
BOOTH #301
SoftZone provides unparalleled design flexibility for creating architectural pendant lighting with effective sound attenuation properties. It features a modular approach that lets you vary the quantity of panels required to achieve the desired level of sound absorption. Available luminaires: Stencil SoftZone and Sculpt SoftZone.
Seem® 1 Acoustic Trio
Puredge Lighting
BOOTH #501
Seem® 1 Acoustic Trio is a Y-shaped pendant designed to maximize sound absorption as a stand-alone pendant, clustered, or as part of an integrated ceiling system with linear Seem 1 Acoustic luminaires and baffles. It is available in 4′ and 6′ diameters as a luminaire or unlit baffle.
Puredge Lighting
BOOTH #111
PureEdge Lighting’s Pipeline, a stunning lighting solution designed to complement the appeal of open-ceiling spaces. Pipeline’s round design seamlessly blends with the ducts and pipes that define todays exposed environments. Pipeline is versatile and can accommodate 24VDC track heads and pendants, creating the perfect combination of direct and indirect lighting.