The Local Voice: Trends & Opportunities Straight from the Region
4:00 – 5:00 pm | Seminar S7
Architects | Engineers | Interior Designers | Landscape Architects | Lighting Designers | Other End Users
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Gregg Mackell, IALD
Founder & Principal Owner – 186 Lighting Design Group, Inc.
Steve Peterson, LC
Associate – ME Engineers
Angi Xanders, LC, ASSOC IALD, MIES
Sr Lighting Designer – Pivotal/AEI
Rachel Fitzgerald, LC, IALD, MIES, LEED BD+C
Associate, Sr Lighting Designer – Stantec Architecture Inc.
Associate – Horton Lees Brogden Lighting

Denver’s foremost lighting designers examine the current status and upcoming trends in the region’s lighting market, including challenges and opportunities for the future.

  • Comparisons in designing in the Rocky Mountain region vs. other areas. Learn about the unique opportunities, and how we can cultivate and market regional designers to local projects.
  • Technologies Impacting Lighting Design – Smart fixtures, networked controls, and software-based communications are becoming prevalent and will become code required. How do you specify while remaining technically accurate to ensure proper installation?
  • The Business of Design - The region considers a project’s design aspect more of an add-on than a necessity. It’s a constant struggle with contractors setting budgets before design. How do you value or quote a budget on a project when costs/prices from manufacturers don’t align with contractors’ quotes? As many products come from overseas, how will tariffs affect project budget and design?
  • Growing the Next Generation – There’s a challenge in finding the next generation of designers for the region. What does the next generation need to know to be successful? Are today’s education programs providing the right tools and skills to succeed? How are they being supported and mentored by established designers to perpetuate a thriving industry and continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of lighting designers everywhere?
Gregg Mackell - Found and Principal Owner - 186 Lighting Design Group
Gregg Mackell, IALD
Founder & Principal Owner
186 Lighting Design Group, Inc.

Gregg Mackell is the principal owner of 186 Lighting Design Group (186) in Denver, CO. 186 specializes in high-end residential projects with well over 1,000 homes completed throughout North America and beyond. 186’s projects are regularly featured in design publications, including the covers of numerous publications including AD, Luxe and Aspen Magazine. 186 is currently the top- ranked residential lighting design firm on and 186's projects have won local, national and international awards. Gregg has delivered interactive presentations to various design and construction professionals. Past presentations include the IALD’s Enlighten Americas, guided tours for the IESNA, 10+ presentations to the Denver DLF and Gregg has been named a top 10 instructor at the A/V world’s CEDIA EXPO. Gregg is a past lighting instructor at the ACC School of Interior Design and has been a guest speaker for the University of Colorado’s Illumination program.

Steve Peterson, LC Associate ME Engineers
Steve Peterson, LC
ME Engineers

Steven Peterson has over 28 years of extensive design, project management and technical experience in the field of theatrical and architectural lighting design. His background began with the professional theatrical community creating lighting designs for such theaters as the Old Globe Theater, The Guthrie Theater, and numerous dance and opera companies throughout the United States and abroad. Over the last decade, Steven has broadened his experience and hands on training to include architectural lighting design, blending a dynamic and animated visual environment with architecture. Steve has also been a speaker at Light Fair and other LED summit events. For the past 10 years Steve has been a fixture at CU Boulder aiding and mentoring the senior Lighting Design class.

Angi Xanders, Sr. Lighting Designer, Pivotal/AE
Angi Xanders, LC, ASSOC IALD, MIES
Sr Lighting Designer

Angi Xanders is a senior lighting designer for Pivotal, AEI’s internal lighting design studio. She has designed architectural lighting for offices, libraries, laboratories, K-12 schools and higher education facilities, as well as hospitality and retail environments. Her range of expertise includes experience as a design and technical specialist with lighting manufacturers, and as a lighting designer for firms in San Francisco. Ms. Xanders also coordinated with utility companies to design incentive programs for commercial projects utilizing networked lighting controls. Angi has won numerous architectural lighting design awards including the IESNA Award of Merit for the Port of San Francisco’s Pier One, the IESNA Section Award for the San Francisco Ferry Building, and a National Preservation Award for the Ford Assembly Building located in Richmond, California.

Rachel Fitzgerald, LC, IALD, MIES, LEED BD+C
Associate, Sr Lighting Designer
Stantec Architecture Inc.

Rachel Fitzgerald is a Lighting Designer with over 15 years’ experience providing exterior and interior lighting designs for hospitality, mixed-use, retail, corporate interiors, civic/government, religious facilities, and recreation projects. Rachel is a leading expert on how lighting and daylighting drive health and wellbeing, and has had a significant impact on the firm’s buildings and master plans globally. Over the past decade, Rachel’s commitment to designing highly sustainable and human-centric spaces has resulted in more than two dozen design awards for her projects. She’s deeply involved in IALD, serving as the Regional Coordinator for the Rocky Mountain Chapter. She’s also co-founder of the Brilliance Awards, a Rocky Mountain region architectural lighting awards program, and co-founder of Denver’s WILD (Women in Lighting Design).

Katherine Stekr -
Katherine Stekr, CLD, IALD, MIES, LEED AP BD+C, EDAC
Horton Lees Brogden Lighting

Katherine is inspired by the stories that set the tone for building design, and strives to capture what is unique about the architecture and the client when developing the lighting design. Katherine was drawn to lighting design because it represented a hybrid of creativity, problem solving and biological sciences — though it wasn’t her first choice of study. Originally slated to major in chemical engineering, with the intention of pursuing a career in manufacturing explosives, her perspective changed after taking an engineering class that introduced her to lighting. From that point on, she has fostered an ever-evolving appreciation for the impact that light can have on a space, and the emotional connection it can strike with occupants. Katherine has been building upon her experience by working on design projects in the corporate, healthcare and higher education market sectors. She brings a fresh and up-to-date perspective in the “light and health” debate, and is skilled in being able to craft a narrative of lighting design that weaves into the architectural design goals.